This bright blonde was achieved by a full head of baby lights (very fine highlights). Baby lights are the perfect way to have an all-over lightened feel without having any harsh lines. The root area is much more blended and grows out softer because of the very fine highlighting technique. I then finish with a toner/gloss and an Olaplex treatment. 

Kylee can go months without a touch-up because of how soft her grow out is and also how light she is naturally.

Getting to Blonde.

Going from dark shades to blonde should never be a quick process – especially when lifting (lightening) and maintaining your hairs health at the same time. 

The journey to blonde is not something that happens in one visit. Even if you have completely virgin hair you should expect multiple appointments. For the health of your hair the blonde process should always be done over the course of several session

Moving from dark to light puts stress on the cuticle of your hair making it very important to go to a skilled stylist that specializes in the blonding process.

Everyone’s lightening process is different depending on history, natural level, and the texture of your hair but it is important to note that every single person, no matter their natural color, will lift warm. So toning/glossing services are always necessary and customized to each individual.

Someone with less coloring processes, and thinner, fine hair may be able to lighten their hair quicker than someone with years of color that has super thick resistant hair. There are endless variations of blonde and I customize every service and technique to each client’s unique head of hair.

Be aware that achieving your perfect blonde can take several sessions and will be several hours each time. Investing in the perfect aftercare for your hair for in-between these appointments is also a very important step in the  process. A stylists best work is delivered to those that take their aftercare seriously and give their locks the TLC they need between appointments.