Ally has naturally very dark hair. I added dimension by painting balayage sections in foils while leaving some of her natural color alone. The lightened pieces are then toned/glossed.

I then, installed custom colored hand-tied extension in her hair to add length and volume. I love incorporating dimension in deep brunettes even if its very subtle.

Ally’s maintenance  is about every 8 weeks to re-gloss her hair and reinstall her extensions.

The Perfect Brunette.

To achieve the perfect brunette is dependent on your natural hues and previous color treatments. If your hair is virgin you can virtually achieve any brunette level desired in one sitting. If you’re wanting a lighter shade of brunette; previous darker color must be stripped out before the desired shade can be applied. If you are blonde wanting to go dark your hair must be filled, meaning that I restore the warm pigments that we’re lifted out during the bleaching process. Going brunette is a multi-step process that can typically be achieved in one sitting.

Maintaining your brunette is dependent on your natural hues. If you’re grey or darkening your natural hair color you will need an appointment every 5-7 weeks for touch ups (depending on how fast your hair grows).  Make sure to always wait at least 48 hours before washing your hair after your color service. To keep your color rich and shiny a gloss hold be applied at every appointment. Avoid over-washing your hair and use dry shampoo in place of regular washing and drying. Always use a heat protectant/products with UV protection and avoid the over-use of heat tools. Always use a color-safe shampoo and conditioner to avoid stripping your color.











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