Kendrah has naturally blonde hair, but I think we can all agree she should have been born a ginger. To achieve her dimensional fiery coppery red, I do a color melt technique with a deep rich red-toned brunette, open air balayage customized pieces throughout, and gloss all over with a bright copper color. Kendrah also has 1 row of custom colored handtied extensions in for volume. 

Reds and coppers can be very high maintenance and need to be refreshed more frequently. Kendrah’s maintenance is about every 6 weeks. At regular appointments her extensions will be reinstalled, base color will be refreshed along with her all over gloss. Retouching her balayage will be about every 3-4 appointments. When you have these tones in your hair it is very important to use color safe products, always use heat protectants, and not wash too frequently because of color fade.

Reds and Coppers

To achieve the perfect red or copper any previous color must be stripped before your desired color can be applied. If you are blonde wanting to go red  your hair must be filled, meaning that I restore the warm pigments that we’re lifted out during the bleaching process. Going red is a multi-step process that can often be achieved in one sitting depending on our starting point.

Vibrant hair colors are susceptible to fade and anyone wanting to achieve red or copper should understand that there is extra maintenance involved. There are a number of tips and tricks to keeping your hair fresh, healthy, and vibrant between appointments. First and foremost you should ALWAYS wait at least 48 hours to wash your hair after a color appointment (this goes for any color application appointment). Avoid over-washing your hair and use dry shampoo in place of regular washing and drying. Always use a heat protectant/products with UV protection and avoid the over-use of heat tools. Always use a color-safe shampoo and conditioner and apply color infused treatments weekly to bi-weekly. Last but not least be diligent and schedule regular appointments (no more than 6 weeks apart) and understand the maintenance that goes into keeping your hair that beautiful vibrant red before taking the leap.




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